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Echange bateau vacances
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Discover new horizons, share new experiences with worldwide navigators…
You already know the house swapping, now you can experiment the boat swapping!


Virtual "Route du Rhum" - SeeMySea in the race!

Circumvent the Azores from the north or south?

We chose south!. Difficult decision for now we back in the rankings, as we move away from the direct route

New design for SeeMySea!

A more efficient version

For his two years of existence, SeeMySea indulges in a little update!. New design for the homepage and new search engine

Random proposals


Jeanneau - sun rice

Length : 10 to 12m - Hull : lifting keel

3 cabines + le carré pour les couchettes. Barre franche

- France


Length : - Hull :

Ferme en pisée de 1813 avec cour fermée et 2 préaux entourée de champs et située à 1 Km du centre du village et 800 m de la Saône.. 2 cuisines 4 salle...

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